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Guangzhou Boente Technology Co Ltd is an integrative high-tech enterprise which collects research, development, production, sale and service. Our head office was established in Hong Kong for our import and export business. Since 2009, primary cognizance product research, production and sale department Boente branch (Guangzhou Boente Technology Co.,Ltd) was settled in Guangzhou.

We focus our full energy on audio video system equipment, specially in Paperless Office System Audio Video Equipment. Specializing in the manufacture of LCD monitor lift, desktop socket, projector mount, pop up socket, LCD motorized lift, plasma TV lift, microphone lift, monitor flip up lift, monitor flip up hideaway, projector screen, computer monitor lift, short throw projector bracket, desktop power plug, desktop power sockets, motorized flip up power outlet, flip up LCD monitor, media table socket, cable cubby, Wall socket plate and other related products.

All products quality through the CE, ROSH, FCC, 3C certification, especially our desktop socket and pop up socket, desktop power plug and related socket product, all the modules are approved by UL certification. In addition, SASO product certifications are available upon request from the Saudi Arabian market.

More than eight years of production experience, with five mature production lines, has formed a professional and orderly production lines. In strict accordance with the ISO9001 system to control the quality of the production process, operating stability. In addition, our professional technical development team will work out the new product according to market trends and development research. Could offer customization service for product design and product changes if required.

Our factory has two sets of stamping machine, a set of automatic spraying machinery and equipment, a set of bending volumes of automatic machinery and equipment. Each month can produce about 10,000 sets of projector hanger, five thousand sets of projector projection screen, a thousand desktop jacks and one hundred lifts. Short delivery time, adequate stock of conventional products, OEM and custom orders do not exceed 15 days of delivery.

Quality is our soul, professional technology is our core competitiveness. We pay more attention to product quality and professional production technology, the pursuit of better quality of product quality, do in the high-end quality products to meet the market, especially in Europe and the United States market requirements. We set up two service teams, project support team and after-sales service team, can provide guests with professional project design and after-sale technical support.


In 2009,  we established Boente Corporation in Hong Kong as a venture dedicated to the development and sales of cutting-edge audiovisual equipment. Within just six months, the company experienced rapid growth, prompting the creation of a dedicated production department. This department's primary focus centered on crafting projector mounts, projection screens, and motorized projector mounts—a testament to our commitment to innovation.

In 2010, we expanded our reach by establishing an overseas sales department, allowing us to extend our products beyond domestic borders.

In 2012, we ventured further by establishing a subsidiary company and a state-of-the-art factory in Guangzhou. This strategic move positioned us to delve deeper into research and development, as well as enhance our manufacturing capabilities.

One of our significant achievements occurred in 2018 when we successfully secured the Friendship University project in Russia through a competitive bidding process.  

Drawing upon our extensive experience, accumulated over the past decade through the completion of numerous projects in offices, hotels, and conference rooms, we recognized the need for greater specialization. As a result, in 2019, we established dedicated product design and engineering departments, aimed at meeting the distinct requirements of our valued clientele with utmost professionalism.

By 2022, we had proudly unveiled over 100 proprietary product models, each a testament to our unyielding commitment to excellence. This impressive growth was further evident in 2023 when our sales revenue exceeded 50 million.

Looking ahead to 2024, we set our sights on a more ambitious target—to introduce our innovative range of products to over 100 countries worldwide, thereby solidifying our global footprint. Our ultimate goal for this year is to achieve sales revenue exceeding 100 million, a reflection of our unwavering dedication to fulfilling the needs of an ever-expanding customer base.


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